Cheers from Hollywood!

My name is Emmy Cooper and I’m starting this blog from my new place in the city of my dreams! Can you believe it, I got hired as a makeup artist for movie production! Of course, that’s not a really serious movie, more of an amateur one. You know, there are hundreds of projects constantly running here and a pretty large number of them doesn’t end up in anything. The one I’m involved in may fail, too. But at least I’m getting a precious experience that will hopefully come in handy in my future career.  We are staging a gangster musical, the roaring 50’s and all, and there is plenty of job at hand. Right now I’m about to make up a whole crowd of extras as a vintage party, so I’m gonna run! See you!


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Cities in our windows, cities on our walls

Beauty and night

I often have to work late and since I live not far from the film set I prefer walk home a few blocks rather than taking a taxi. Besides, Hollywood is so beautiful at night! There are neon signs and lights everywhere, dozens of cars pass by and you can see colorful flashes from trailers and pavilions where others are still filming or watching slides. This is like one big show staged by the city itself. When I come home, I don’t go to sleep at once, even if it’s way past midnight. I sit by the open window and watch the panorama of the city.

How to travel without leaving the house

One of my friends is an artist and I have three of his paintings hanging at my place. All of them depict different cities at night. I have New York, Los Angeles and Washington. It’s like having a window facing each of them. The entire U.S. in my tiny apartment 🙂 This choice isn’t random, I might add. Every city has is of special important to me:

  1. New York is where I met my first boyfriend, a homeless philosopher Phil who was hanging at his friends’, eating LCD and building mind-boggling social theories nobody listened to 🙂
  2. In Los Angeles, I took a parachute jump and not just from some lousy tower – from a plane!
  3. Washington is the most memorable. That’s where I got jailed for disruptive behavior at a rock concert 🙂


A city I haven’t yet been to

Just recently, I received a gift from my sister who sent me yet another nocturnal cityscape, this time by some unknown artist named Leonid Afremov. I never heard of him before, but the painting impressed me. It was sparkling with numerous lights and reflections, all colorful and shiny, and the view was just amazing! I can actually show you even without making a photo – here it is, ‘Beauty of the Night.’ The artist turned out to run his own website where his pictures are sold. There are plenty of them! I probably got a yearly doze of night cities while scrolling through it 🙂 But Leonid doesn’t only paint cityscapes. He also creates breathtaking landscapes and seascapes, wonderful portraits and gentle flowers paintings. They all look very bright and have that positive vibe making you feel relaxed and high-spirited even if you are totally stressed out. It’s like some sort of color therapy. I wonder which city is that!


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The lights of the Broadway

You know, before I moved in to Hollywood, I didn’t realize how many musicals are being filmed in our country! It seems like this genre is now experiencing its major revival. Even mass cinema has been actively exploiting elements of musical in recent titles. But surely, there is nothing like watching a musical on stage! I once happened to fetch two Broadway tickets and, since I had no boyfriend at the moment, took my roommate to this one The famous Chicago! It was amazing! The staging, the acting, the atmosphere… We we going home singing the lines we remembered and repeating some of the dance moves right in the street 🙂 So I was incredibly agitated when I was invited to take part in this new project. I really hope it’s gonna work! I studied tones of materials on that epoch and watched every movie from the ‘50s I could find not to mess up. So far, it seems to go well. We already shot a few key scenes and I guess we managed to capture that retro spirit while adding a curious contemporary twist to the way it all looks on tape. By the way, the costume guy is pretty handsome… Need to keep a closer eye on him…


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